The videos for have been posted on YouTube.

Opening Keynote

The opening keynote gives a rather good overview of the whole picture and how the pieces fit together.

Spice introduction

There was a very simple introduction to Spice by Pavel Grunt and Victor Toso:

Keynote with Denise Dumas

This one was all about the community and cooperation.

Denise Dumas and I go way back (to the HPVM days). Back then, she managed to have us release HPVM 1.0 well ahead of schedule. Something that never happened to me since then. But I’m glad to see she still makes sure things get released early, released often. I was so happy to see her again.

Legacy storage emulation

I found this talk by John Snow quite entertaining, if only for the silly subtitles:

New compiler and debugger features

I could not attend this one in person, but I’m still a compiler lover, so here it is:

Supporting Windows as a guest

Been there, done that, know how hard it can be, so I was happy to see this talk:

Many others, of course…

I can’t list all the interesting talks, obviously. But YouTube can.


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